CHOP’N IT UP is a interview web series produced by New Age Capital that highlights some of the amazing entrepreneurs we’ve met on our journey.


CHOP’N IT UP S1EP3 | The Joe Leiva Episode

This week we we sat down with Joe Leiva, co-founder and CEO, of TargetDocs (formerly Protrakr) a software platform that gives construction firms and their subcontractors a visual panel to organize & track recurring government contract documents to achieve compliance and timely payments. He talks about learning entrepreneurship and work ethic earlier from his immigrant parents as well as takes us through the construction tech industry. 

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP2 | The Kobi Wu Episode

This week we interview Kobi Wu, founder and CEO of VisuWall. VisuWall presents eye level media and metrics that matter in the form of vacant storefront windows. Kobi has deep experience in creative branding, marketing, and strategy as she was previously the SVP of Strategy and Creative for Sean Combs Enterprises.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP1 | The Kai Bond Episode

This week we're talking to Kai Bond. Kai is the Head of Investing at Catalyst Fund, the venture capital arm of Comcast Ventures that invests in early-stage startups led by minority entrepreneurs. He also heads esports and gaming investments and NYC seed investing for Comcast Ventures.