CHOP’N IT UP is a interview web series produced by New Age Capital that highlights some of the amazing entrepreneurs we’ve met on our journey.


CHOP’N IT UP S1EP8 | The Micah Brown Episode

On our eighth and final episode of CHOP'N IT UP season 1 we sat down with Micah Brown. Micah is the CEO and Founder of Centiment, the first brain powered analytics company in the advertising & marketing industry. Centiment is building tools capable of true representational understanding of human thought within AI, starting with an application to advertising to ensure that as more forms of deep and machine learning are created, they are done so with the least amount of bias as possible.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP7 | The Julian Rodriguez Episode

This week we’re talking to Julian Rodriguez. Julian is the co-founder/CEO of Bazaar, the online marketplace that allows bodega and small restaurant owners to place food inventory orders through their online platform. The goal is to empower small business owners to make better purchasing decisions and increase margins. This industry is ready to be digitized as the process of ordering and delivering is extremely time consuming, prices are often inaccurate, and there’s no analytics on consumer behavior or product demand.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP6 | The Crystal Etienne Episode

This week we interview Crystal Etienne, founder and CEO of PantyProp. PantyProp is a direct-to-consumer underwear and swimwear brand that protects women and men against leaks. Crystal discusses her time growing up in New York and becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 6. She tell us how PantyProp came by way of her solving a problem for herself. 

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP5 | The Esosa Ighodaro Episode

This week we're talking to Esosa Ighodaro. Esosa is the co-founder and CEO of Cosign, an app that allows users to tag products within social content and get paid if tagged items are purchases. Esosa is also the co-founder of Black Women Talk Tech, a collective of black women tech founders whose mission is to encourage and support black women to build the next billion dollar business. Black Women Talk Tech hosts an annual conference specifically for Black Women. There are panel discussions, fireside chats, a pitch competition and a room full of like-minded individuals focused on building world changing companies.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP4 | The Rebecca Lima Episode

This week we interview Rebecca Lima, founder and CEO of The Lieu. The Lieu is a modern and accessible self-care solution for women, aiming to bring curated beauty and wellness products to restrooms within spaces of connectivity through a functional and scalable medium.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP3 | The Joe Leiva Episode

This week we we sat down with Joe Leiva, co-founder and CEO, of TargetDocs (formerly Protrakr) a software platform that gives construction firms and their subcontractors a visual panel to organize & track recurring government contract documents to achieve compliance and timely payments. He talks about learning entrepreneurship and work ethic earlier from his immigrant parents as well as takes us through the construction tech industry. 

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP2 | The Kobi Wu Episode

This week we interview Kobi Wu, founder and CEO of VisuWall. VisuWall presents eye level media and metrics that matter in the form of vacant storefront windows. Kobi has deep experience in creative branding, marketing, and strategy as she was previously the SVP of Strategy and Creative for Sean Combs Enterprises.

CHOP’N IT UP S1EP1 | The Kai Bond Episode

This week we're talking to Kai Bond. Kai is the Head of Investing at Catalyst Fund, the venture capital arm of Comcast Ventures that invests in early-stage startups led by minority entrepreneurs. He also heads esports and gaming investments and NYC seed investing for Comcast Ventures.