New Age Capital is A seed stage venture capital firm and lifestyle company investing in TECH and TECH-ENABLED startups founded AND LED by Black and LatinO ENTREPRENUERS.

Our mission and vision is to create and support a world where people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, lifestyles and environments are exposed to new ideas, democratized information and boundless opportunities through the use of technology.


  • Multiculturalism Is Eating The World.

  • Technology Will Continue To Democratize Access To Information And Opportunity At Increasingly Rapid Rates. 

  • Entrepreneurship And Economic Growth Will Expand Exponentially Among Underrepresented Minority Groups. 




The identification, acknowledgment and acceptance of one’s culture(s) is a characteristic we believe to be of primary importance in any person’s journey to finding their self worth and ultimate purpose in life. When you know who you are and where you come from, you can embrace and utilize the uniqueness of your culture and its influence to add value to the world. More importantly, when you can share your culture with others while learning about theirs, you can build a community of coexistence and collaboration eliminating biases and stimulating true diversity. The entrepreneurs we back at New Age Capital will share our perspective on the impact of culture which will undoubtedly aid them in building great companies with strong organizational cultures. 


Communities become more dynamic and effective as the network grows. Too often we only hear about focusing on improving the strengths of communities while the weaknesses are neglected. At New Age Capital, we believe that for any community to grow and mature effectively there must be a diversity of ideas, perspectives, cultures, skill sets, and resources in support of a common purpose. This allows a constant evolution of strengths & weaknesses, and continuous opportunities for people to add their unique value. 


In the tech world today, venture capital remains the ultimate resource to expedite growth and innovation, but it is at times disproportionately distributed and used inefficiently. When we become a steward of limited partners’ capital it is our obligation to be painstakingly efficient in deploying that capital as we help build our portfolio companies. The entrepreneurs we invest in will be keenly aware of this and raise funding in alignment with this belief.




Ivan Alo

Ivan is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship and global innovation. He is passionate about the use of technology to make the world more accessible and beneficial for all and is an insatiable learner of all things involving inclusive entrepreneurship, startups and venture capital investing. Ivan started a couple ventures while in high school & post-college, and is the co-founder of real estate technology platform CNERGY. Being a founder himself taught him the value of entrepreneurship, the relevant factors involved in building a formidable business, and most importantly, how to build genuine, productive relationships en route to achieving a common goal.

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LaDante McMillon

LaDante has years of experience developing concepts, designing marketing assets, and creatively capturing the voice of brands and companies through his freelance company LDM Film Perspective.  He has worked with several startups across various industries as well as established corporations. As an entrepreneur, LaDante has learned the value of product development, brand development and marketing along with the essential building blocks necessary to build a strong business with the right go-to-market strategy. His desire to create opportunity and understanding between brand and consumer is fueled by his passion for storytelling.

Investment Criteria

Areas of Interest

Our mission is to work with the best Black and Latino entrepreneurs solving real world problems. While we are sector agnostic, we have a strong affinity for entrepreneurs building dope companies in the following areas:

  • Fintech (B2B Financial Services and Consumer Finance)

  • Healthcare (Digital Health and Medtech / No Biotech or Medical Devices)

  • Marketplaces / On-Demand Economy

  • Advancement of the Workplace and Workforce

  • Mobile First, Community Driven Experiences and Entertainment

  • Retail Tech / E-Commerce (CPGs and DNVBs)

  • Real Estate Tech / Construction Tech

  • Transportation and Smart Cities

Company Criteria

We are open to connecting with any founder, however, a company is best positioned to potentially gain an investment from New Age Capital by meeting the following criteria:

  • Geographically focused in the U.S. but open to companies in Latin America, Africa and Europe - must be incorporated in the U.S.

  • Product is already in market with signs of early momentum

  • At least 6 months of traction (users, transactions, engagement, etc.)

  • At least 6 months of revenue (SaaS, percentage of GMV, product sales, etc.)

  • Has positive unit economics that strengthen as the business model scales